Tween girl’s room

When we moved into our current house the first rooms to be decorated were the kids rooms. Six years later, it’s time to update those rooms.  As my daughter moves into her tween years I decided to go with a more grown-up turquoise, black and white color scheme and am glad to get rid of all of the pink!  This blog includes links to 10 easy DIY projects that helped to finish this tween girl’s room makeover.   Below is the after picture.

Room makeover before and after - from little girl pink to tween friendly turquoise, black and white

Below shows the room before we started- clearly before we even tried to tidy the room – yikes! Mismatch of style and colors with minimal storage – what a disaster!

Girl's room before and after

Although I re-finished the room in late December, it took me a while to write this blog because I was getting frustrated with my lack of photography skills.  You will notice that each picture of the same section of the room looks slightly different because of the many times I tried to take better pictures.  Still not great, but I had lunch with a good friend today who gave me some tips and some encouragement, so I am optimistic I can improve future blogs!

Creating a place to study

One of the biggest changes was putting in a larger desk.  My daughter is in middle school now so she is ready for a more grown-up desk for doing homework.  The new desk also serves as a night-stand since it was placed right beside the bed.  The desk was previously in the master bedroom, but it never really worked for that room, and I like it much better in my daughter’s room.

Study area for teen girl's roomThe one she was using was more of a console table than a desk and has been moved into the redecorated living room which I will be blogging about soon!

The desk chair was given an update by removing the pink fabric and re-upholstering the desk chair in turquoise with black and white trim.  The pink ruffled lamp shade of an otherwise great lamp was replaced with one I had on hand after I painted it and added trim.  We also had a wooden Eiffel tower wall decoration which had a lot of pink, which I covered up with some white paint.

The shelves above the desk were edited of non-essential items, and new items were added that match the decor.  My daughter and I made the melted crayon art and my good friend Mary Hart from provided the beautiful love multi-media art.  Andy and I made the peace art canvases which are above the bed.  Andy took a brown cat ornament and painted it in black and white to match our cat’s color scheme.

Makeover of shelves

Updated bedding in teen friendly colors

The bold colors and print in the previous bed-sheets have been toned down with white sheets on the top and bottom bunk but a black comforter on the bottom bunk only.  The look is still dramatic, through introducing turquoise, black and white pillow – covering the pink and purple pillows from the previous room.  The monogram ‘C’ pillow is a favorite.  We also added a black and white animal print blanked on the top bunk for visual interest.

Three plastic bins hold toys, and slide nicely under the bed and out of sight and are a life saver for her when I say – tidy your room – she now has a place to store all of her ‘stuff”.

The sheer curtains around the bed, which I installed a couple of years ago were fun for a while, but they took up a lot of space visually in the small room, so we decided to remove them.  To add some visual interest above the bunk, my husband Andy, and I painted simple peace themed art using recycled canvases.

Updated bedding in turquoise, black and white

A place to experiment with makeup and hairstyles

Moving the desk beside the bed freed up wall space for a make-up table.  I used the plastic shelves that I had refinished in black –  a year later those shelves still look pretty good.  At this age my daughter loves playing with makeup and doing different hairstyles on herself so this area of the rooms gets lots of use.

Tween girl's room makeover - turquoise, black and white

Before the makeover, the room had an old chair intended to be a place to read, but it was not very comfortable and was rarely used.  It did not go with the decor of the old room (or the new room) in terms of color or style – it had to go.  I had picked up a small rattan sided armchair a few years ago and thought it would be a great candidate to makeover for this room.  It is my favorite piece of furniture in the room, and this chair was surprisingly easy to re-finish, including painting in black and re-upholstery in turquoise.  The faux fur floor mat catches any makeup spills to protect the carpet underneath.

Before the tween girl’s room makeover – yikes!

The old desk (or console table), Eiffel tower lamp with frilly pink shade, desk chair in pink – were not working at all!

Tween girls room makeover

The desk above, and the armchair beside the bed were constantly covered in stuff because she did not have enough space to put things away.  Below is the room after some tidying – the baskets under the bed, as well as the black bookcase shelves were a great help with giving my daughter a place to put her toys and things.  The view of the room in the picture below is much better than the before shot at the top of this article, but even tidied up the room was not very functional, and too ‘little girl’ for my growing 12 year old.

Tween girl's room makeover

Most of the large furniture in the room was in pretty good shape, which was great.  I re-used the dresser and bunk-bed without making any changes to them.   I painted the room in a neutral color, which I think helps the turquoise to stand-out.  I am just so glad to be rid of the pink!  It took a lot of work and a lot of help from Andy, but the tween girl’s room makeover is done – for now…

Tween girl's room makeover - including 10 easy DIY projects

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