How to Touch Up Cracks in Wood Furniture

3 Simple Steps to Touch up Cracks in Wood End Table:

I bought this end table 10 years ago.  It was on-sale because the dark stained wood had separated in a couple of places, exposing light colored wood underneath.  I had always intended to touch up those areas, but never got around to it.  Over time more cracks appeared, exposing more light areas of wood.  It was clearly not a well made piece, but it was very versatile (height, color, overall size) so if I could fix it up and touch up cracks in the wood without a lot of time or cost, then it would be worth it.

End table after touching up cracks in the finish

Here is what I did:

1. Clean the piece with a damp cloth

Use a damp cloth with a tiny amount of dish soap to clean the item.  I the rinse with water to remove any soap, and allow the table to dry completely.

Cracks in wood can easily be touched up - before

2. Choose an all-in one scratch cover to match your wood

There are various types of re-finishing products available.  The objective is to achieve a reduction in contrast between the finished wood and the exposed lighter wood, so using almost any shade of dark re-finish will accomplish this. The one I have is a thin liquid applied by wipe-on cloth. It can be applied in multiple coats to build-up the depth of color.   Even though it says it is designed for dark woods, but I use it on medium and dark furniture and it has not let me down yet.

Good for covering scratches in wood

3. Rub Scratch Cover onto exposed wood

Work in a well ventilated area.  Use a soft cloth and a bit of elbow grease to really push the scratch cover into any cracks or areas of exposed wood.  Apply 2 or more coats.  Then finish by wiping a small amount over the entire surface.

Repaired cracks in wood furniture - afterIt’s as easy as that.  Why did I not do this sooner?  The entire process took less than an hour!  It was so easy I decided to use this technique on my nightstand.

Easily touch up cracks in wood furniture


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