Touch up Chipped Wood

Andy and I did a very quick improvement to touch up chipped wood on a dresser and make it presentable until we have time to do a more thorough fix.

Easy fix for chpped wood

The main objective of this quick-fix was to get rid of the contrast of the underlying light colored particle board, against the dark stain of rest of the unit.  This makes the damage is much less noticeable.

The Background

Touch up chipped wood

Our bedroom had a desk, which I wanted to move to my daughter’s room so she has a proper desk to do homework now that she is in middle school.  You can find her room in this bedroom makeover.  So we would need to find something to fill the space where the desk had been in our master bedroom.  I realized that we very rarely used the desk as a real desk in our master, but we did need additional clothes storage as well as a place to put the TV.  So instead of replacing the desk with another desk, we started searching for a small dresser.

Andy and I found a good looking dresser at a great price at a scratch and dent sale at our local furniture store.  I thought I looked it over thoroughly, including taking a few pictures. Unfortunately I did not notice a chunk of wood was missing from the bottom of one of the legs.  When Andy went back to buy it, he noticed the chipped wood for the first time.  It was still a good deal so we decided to get it anyway with some confidence that we could find a way to repair it ourselves.

The Quick Fix

I was working on changing a set of shelves from light wood to a dark brown stain, using Minwax Polyshades (this article will be published shortly).  The shade was very close to the color of the dresser, so I thought about dabbing a bit of it onto the chipped wood.

Touch up chipped wood

Using some scrap wood that I did not mind getting stain on, I lifted the dresser off the floor to protect it.  Just one coat made a big difference.

Touch up chipped wood

I went back over it with a second coat to build up the depth of color.  It helps that the chipped wood is so close to the floor so it is invisible from most angles.
Temporary fix for chipped wood

What’s Next

Eventually we plan to fix this properly: (1) trim away more of the wood to create a flat surface, (2) bond a piece of wood to fill the gap and (3) stain the patched wood to match the existing wood.

For better or worse, deciding to touch up chipped wood provides enough of an improvement that I am skeptical that we will actually go back to do the permanent fix!

Cute skeptical cat

Chipped Particle Board Quick Fix

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