Stacking Coffee Table DIY

Stacking Coffee Table DIY: IKEA Hack - UsingWhatYouHave.comReducing the length of the legs on the square end-table resulted in a free stacking coffee table DIY project.

Background to this IKEA Hack

Both the end table and coffee table are from IKEA.  We were using the rectangular coffee table between two facing sofas in the family room.  It was good length-wise, but was too narrow for the space.

One day while looking at the too narrow coffee table, I remembered that it had a matching end table.  I had moved it into storage because it was not needed in the family room as an end table.  I brought it back into the room to think about how it might be used.

Pictured below are the coffee table and end table and both are the same height.

IKEA Hack to Make Stacked Coffee Tables -

I have seen the layering of coffee tables of different heights featured in magazines recently, and I really like the look.  I asked Andy if he thought he could cut a couple of inches off the legs of the end table so it would slide partway under the coffee table.

The Work (notice how short this section is)

In the time it took me to make  a cup of tea, Andy had done his measuring and cut the four legs down to size using the table saw.

The Result of the Stacking Coffee Table DIY

The modified end table now slides perfectly under the rectangular coffee table – yay!  Thank you, Andy!

Stacking Coffee Table DIY -

The square table uses screws and a piece of plastic on each leg to hold a shelf in place.  I wondered whether I would need to move those screws and fill in the old holes, but after it had been cut down, I put the shelf back in place and even with 2 inches off the legs, I think it still looks good – what do you think?

So 4 cuts on a table saw and Andy completed this stacking coffee table DIY project in less than 10 minutes and for no cost.  We re-used something we already had and customized it to suit our taste and our home.

Also, spending a lot of money on coffee tables is not my idea of a good time, so I am very glad we found a way to get the look I hoped for, at zero cost.

The family room makeover article was written when I had just the one rectangular coffee table.  It looked OK, but it was too small for the space.  The room makeover article also included the filling in of the gap above the fireplace, designed for a cube TV. The after picture from that article (below) also includes recovering leather cubes, and painting the wood trim white.Family Room with Symmetry

Below is the family room just after we moved in.  Mustard colored walls, heavy drapes and an akward furniture arrangement.Family room before makeover

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