Replace Ceiling Fan with a Chandelier

Replace ceiling fan with a chandelier - UsingWhatYouHave.comCeiling fans are great functional pieces but very few of them are attractive.  The ceiling fan in the master bedroom definitely did not add style to the room.  We almost never use  the fan so we did not need to keep it for functional reasons.  It was an easy decision to replace the ceiling fan with a chandelier and it made a big difference for not a lot of money.

Ceiling Fan BedroomReplace Ceiling Fan with a Chandelier – Background

I noticed this light sitting on the floor at Habitat, and thought it would go well with our other light fixtures.  It was very dusty and the lampshades on the chandelier bulbs were out-dated. Plus the price tag of $65 was more than we would typically pay for a used item.  So I walked away without it, and continued to look on-line at new options, and found I was drawn to chandeliers that were similar to the one at Habitat, and most were at least $250.  I was so happy with the other lighting updates we had done, and I really wanted to install a light in our bedroom that we had updated ourselves with a personal touch.  So a couple of weeks later I went back to Habitat and was soooo glad to see the chandelier was still there, still on the floor between stacks of cheap boxed ceiling fixtures.

Chandelier before

Clean, Paint and Install Chandelier

I took the chandelier home, removed the lampshades and gave the whole piece a very thorough cleaning. One big difference between this update and the 2 other chandeliers in the house was that this one already had cylinders to hide the wiring – yay!

I was OK with the fact these ones are white and we had painted the other ‘candle-sticks’ black.  Unfortunately they had discolored and were mostly white, but with a band of ‘pink’ close to the chandelier bulb.  If anyone knows the reason for this, please post in the comments – I would like to know!

So Andy painted the candle stick covers with a white spray paint that specifically said it adhered to plastic.  To do this efficiently, I found a tube that was small enough to fit snugly inside the cylinders.  Cardboard from roll of wrapping paper would work well.  With that little trick Andy was able to paint all of the cylinders at the same time.

Master Bedroom Lighting DIY Update

When the paint was dry on the tubes, we put them on chandelier and then screwed in all of the bulbs.  Andy then shut down the power to the room and installed the light fixture.  If you don’t have experience – then hiring an electrician is definitely the way to go!  We kept our fingers crossed as he did the installation.  You have already seen the after picture so not too much suspense building here: the light worked beautifully!

Replacing ceiling fan with upcyced chandelier in master bedroom.

When I look back at the DIY projects we have done, there have probably been more lighting updates than any other category.  These are some of my favorite projects because they are low cost and high impact.  The light updates include: modernizing chandeliers, cleaning and painting exterior fixtures, replacing frosted glass pendant lampshades with clear glass spheres and updating dusty sconce lampshades with crackled clear glass cylinders.

Replace ceiling fan with thrift store chandelier in master bedroom -

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