Personalized road trip map

roadmap wall artThrough a crazy set of circumstances my 14 year old son traveled from one US coast to the other, mostly by car/bus, over a 4 day period.  When he returned I wanted to give him something to commemorate his adventure by making a personalized road trip map art for his room.

Easy personal DIY art

When I see second-hand picture frames that are in good shape I pick them up so that I can replace the existing pictures with art of my choosing.  Many people will get rid of a frame because they no longer like the picture, so this can be an inexpensive way to pick up frames in perfect shape at a fraction of new cost.  I chose one from my stock that had a black metal frame and an off-white mat.

I wanted to make a stylized map of the US, not something too precise.  Fortunately, I found a great printable copy of a simplified US map at (no affiliation to site).  I put it into Powerpoint and sized it to fit nicely in the selected frame, then printed it.  Card stock would have produced a higher quality result but I used regular printer paper because I wanted to be able to easily see through the paper for the next step.

I then went to the MapQuest web site, put in the multiple stops (Orlando, Atlanta, Wichita, San Diego) and selected ‘get directions’.  I took a screen snapshot then put it into Powerpoint and sized it to be identical to the stylized map.  I printed it out and lay the printed stylized map over top.  Using a medium-tip permanent marker, I traced the route onto the stylized map.

map for roadmap art project

I cut out the personalized road trip map and put it in the recycled picture frame.

That was all it took – zero cost and 30 minutes start to finish and my son now has a personalized road trip map to commemorate his travels, and it is an easy and fun DIY piece of art for a teen boy’s room.

personalized road trip map

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