Moose Antler Art

Easily make antler artI have been wanting to make my own deer or moose antler art for a couple of years now.  This weekend I finally got around to trying and I think they turned out pretty well.

The same day, I worked with my daughter to create a melted crayon art project, to be written up another time.

I used two canvases that I had painted 5 years ago but I was never satisfied with how they turned out and they have been taking up space in my basement all this time. I considered painting over the entire canvases with a white paint before I started, but decided to try skipping that step and I think some of the previous painting background shows through but in this case it seemed to work fine.  In the end the painting probably took about an hour.

Steps to Complete the Moose Antler Art

I used 2 canvases (I recommend going big!) but this could easily be made into one piece.  We painted 80% of our house over the past year so we had lot of leftover paints from which to choose.  I used a creamy white a light gray a beige, and black.

I started by using a sponge to brush the white onto the middle of the canvas to create a rough rectangle covering 1/3 of the canvas.  I worked back and forth between the two canvases to ensure they would be symmetrical.

Making moose antler artI brushed the light gray around the white to create a larger rectangle, and blended those two colors together.  I did the same thing with the beige.  I then added a bit of the black to the beige and lightly brushed that into the corners to give it some more visual interest.  Working quickly ensures the paints blend together well.

Making a canvas look aged

While the background was drying (~30 minutes), I looked for inspiration for the antlers on-line, mostly I was interested in seeing examples that showed how to highlight and show detail on the antlers. I was surprised to find how few moose antlers came up in my search compared to the number of deer antlers.

Anyway, the shape of the antlers themselves were pretty easy to sketch, and I just used a pencil directly on the canvas, again making sure to make the two canvases remained symmetrical.  I added some black to the light gray, and used that to fill in the antlers.  I experimented with highlighting, but I couldn’t quite manage to make it look realistic so in the end, I mostly painted over my attempt at highlights with more of the grey.

By the time the paint was dry and I hung the canvases up my the master bedroom the sun was setting here in Kansas, and I have not seen the moose antler art in broad daylight yet, but at dusk, they looked pretty good to me!

Easy DIY moose antler art

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