Master Bedroom Makeover

Master Bedroom Makeover

The master bedroom is a mixture of old and new and it has been decorated in neutral colors with a few touches of green.

Master Bedroom After:

Master bedroom casual with white trim

The update for this room included replacing the carpet with hardwood, painting the walls, replacing the baseboards, painting baseboards and trim, and a few updates to the furniture.

I was very excited to find this headboard at a second-hand store. It was in perfect condition and only needed a cleanup to fit into the room perfectly. I highly recommend checking out second hand stores for bedframes and head-boards since these items tend to show up frequently.

The varnish and stain on the night-stands was showing signs of wear, but I managed to touch up the wood stain and restore it back to the original finish.

Night stand after wood touchup

The seating area contains a chair that I bought at an antique shop 20 years ago. I initially re-upholstered it using leather from a jacket that I picked up at a thrift store. The jacket was a knee length leather jacket from the 80’s which gave me lots of material to work with. I liked the chair in leather but my cats had left scratch marks, so I recovered it with green upholstery fabric from a previous project.

Master bedroom after

The side table and footstool are also from a second-hand store.  I think more modern furniture would be better suited to this space, but this will do for now.

Bedroom seating areaWhen I moved in, the room had a wood valance covered in fabric over the doorway, which we removed completely and I don’t plan to replace it. The valance over the large window was also removed.

Even though we removed the drapes from the family room when I made over that room, I was impressed by their quality and liked the striped fabric.  So I wanted to try to find another use for them.  We had already put the two narrower ones in the dining room, but the wide one was in storage. It turns out it was 2 large panels sewn together so it was very simple to tear out the seam, finish them with a hem and hang them.

Tying curtains so they hang professionallyTying curtains so they hang professionallyIn order to get them to hang nicely, I tied them with string every foot or so, and left them like that for several days.  When I took off the string the kept their pleated shape.

We re-used the natural wood blinds, but having the wood window frames painted white really lightens the whole room.

Around 20 years ago I picked up two matching beige and green rugs to go in two small adjoining rooms in a rented apartment. Now that we are living in a home with larger rooms we did not have a use for the small rugs.  I found a local carpet install company that was able to bind the two carpets together to make one larger rug.

How to style around a TV so that it is not an eye-sore is always a challenge.  I have not mastered it yet, but I will keep trying!

Flat screen TV on desk - beforeTV on desk with cube stools

Master Bedroom Before:

Master bedroom before with dark trim, smal baseboards and carpet

The bedroom was also part of the hardwood floor upgrade project.  This  will be documented in a future article, but below is a picture after the carpet was removed and before the floors were finished.

Wood installed in bedroom before staining

The master bedroom was the first room where we painted the trim and installed taller baseboards.  Changing all of the baseboards and painting the wood window and doorframes in white was such a big task to take on, so having this room complete was what we needed to inspire us to keep going with the rest of the main floor.

We are also in the process of replacing all of the builder grade switches with Decora switches.  Andy had done this at our last house and it made a surprising difference in making a room look professionally finished.  In general, Andy replaces the switches in each room as we paint since we need to take off the covers anyway.Bedroom Makeover

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