Lose the Lampshades

Lose the lampshades by replacing them with glass cylinders to update the style of the sconces and get a more modern look.

Lose the lampshades - modernize sconces with glass cylinders - UsingWhatYouHave.com

After a year of blogging, I am writing the final chapter of what started as a blog post about removing dusty lampshades throughout the hose and replacing them with – well nothing.  It worked great for the chandeliers, which I am still very happy with.

For the matching sconces, removing the shades just left them looking unfinished.  So I put the shades back on and lived with them like that while I looked into other options.

Sconces with lampshades and mirror stylingI settled on glass cylinders with a crackle finish, which creates a nice pattern on the wall.  The circumference of these cylinders fit snugly in the lamp base so they won’t be easily knocked off.  They are also tall enough to give the lights some presence.

Modernize light fixture UsingWhatYouHave.com

At the right time of year it is easy to find glass cylinders designed to cover a candle at any home decor store for around $5 each depending on the size.  When I was looking I tried several stores and did not find what I was looking for.

This has been a big year for lighting upgrades for me.  In addition to the chandelier update (which inspired this change), I replaced the frosted lampshades on a set of pendant lights with a glass cylinder (love it!) and replaced the frosted glass bowl in the entrance light  with a beautiful white drum shade (way better!).

Modern Sconce DIY - UsingWhatYouHave.com

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