Living Room Makeover – Brick Fireplace

Family Room After With Updated Fireplace

I enjoy a real wood burning fireplace so I appreciated that this room had one, but it needed to be updated for a more modern feel, so out with the brick and in with tile and a painted white mantle.

Living room makeover – brick fireplace re-design

There are a lot of good design tools on the market to sketch alternatives to help visualize the alternatives, but I am very familiar with PowerPoint for presentations, so I often use to help make decisions for simple design changes.  For the fireplace makeover, I drew up a few sketches of different options and we decided on the design in the picture below:

Hearth plan sketch

Living room makeover – brick fireplace demolition

The fireplace had a concrete bench (topped with red tile).  Andy rented a jack-hammer and used that to remove the bench to open up the room.  Below is a picture after we removed the concrete bench – not very pretty!

 Fireplace Makeover - WIP

We chose grey/green slate tile and Andy installed it around the fireplace and on the floor where the concrete bench had been.  We also gave the glass a thorough clean, and I painted the brass on the doors with a fire-resistant matte black.  Andy added dry-wall to the top half (held in place using temporary boards below), columns on either side of the fireplace, and installed a mantle to give it more presence.  The columns and mantle were made from MDF and various sections of molding stacked-up to give greater effect.

Living room makeover – new fireplace construction

Fireplace mantle under construction

Replacing the wall sconces was part of the project, but looking at the pictures now, I think these were not a great choice.  They are too modern and definitely do not have a lot of presence.

We painted the walls of the house with Benjamin Moore Historical Collection colors.  For the trim we used Benjamin Moore Cloud White.  We prefer egg-shell finish latex for the walls and oil based semi-gloss for the trim.

Before the fireplace makeover – I like that the previous home-owners painted it white – that brightened up the room but our re-model further modernized the look.Living Room Before - Fireplace


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