Laundry Room Makeover

It might seem like a strange place to start home renovation, but the laundry room was the first room we renovated in this house.


The room was so poorly designed and dysfunctional that we needed to do something quickly to avoid pulling our hair out.  The following were our main design considerations:

  • The door opened into the small room, making a large portion of the room unusable
  • We needed the room to function as both laundry and mudroom since this was the main entrance used by the kids and grown-ups.  We would need space for backpacks, shoes,  jackets, purses and keys
  • This room was the most logical place for the litter box (not glamorous, but necessary for the cats)
  • The room had no windows, poor lighting and was painted dark red – we would need to lighten the whole room up
  • Each member of the house would be in and out of the room every day so it needed to be more visually appealing

The first thing we did was to take off the door and put it into storage.  What a small change for a big improvement.  Removing the hardware has left a gap where the hinges were installed, which we have added to our list.  I miss having a door on the rare occasions when we are sitting in the family room while the washer is running so we have considered replacing the door with a barn style sliding door (although the hallway might be too narrow) or to install a pocked door.  Maybe some day…

The previous owners had installed a laminate countertop across one wall.  A good idea to have a place to fold laundry, but it took up a lot of space for very little value (I like to fold in front of the TV in the family room).  So our next step after removing the door was to remove the laminate countertop.  This created a much more specious feeling, but it left the walls in a bit of a mess.  In our previous home we had installed tongue and groove boards, so we decided to do that here as well.  Andy did the installation and I did the painting, starting with a primer, followed by two coats of Benjamin Moore Cloud White in premium oil finish – my favorite trim paint 🙂

Laundry Room Makeover

We also designed cubes for baskets, which Andy installed and I painted – in the same trim paint.  We painted the upper half of the wall in a neutral beige, and I found three prints at a second hand-store to finish the room.  We also replaced the builders grade ceiling fixture.

Unfortunately we did not take any before pictures (at the time, I had no idea I would want to share this on a blog).

I did make up this very simplistic sketch to demonstrate the before and after design – not even remotely to scale but hopefully they get the idea across.

Before layout:

Laundry Room Layout

After layout:

Laundry rooom layout

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