Flooring Upgrade

Hardwood floor installationWe enjoy doing most home renovation work ourselves but when it came to re-finishing the existing wood floors and installing hardwood in other parts of the house, it was not a difficult decision to leave the flooring upgrade to the professionals in order to get the quality and speed we wanted.

Our existing wood flooring was oak in an unusual plank width (3 ¼ “ wide).  At the time we were making the decision on the floors, there was a trend towards replacing hardwood with wider planked engineered floors.  The engineered floors look beautiful, and do not have the same level of dust during installation, but in the end we decided to keep the style of hardwood floors we had, but to extend the wood into more rooms.

The existing hardwood was in the kitchen, family room and the hallway to the kids’ rooms.  The carpet (now more than 10 years old) was installed in the dining room, living room and master bedroom.

Living Room Reveal

We moved all of our furniture before the contractors arrived, taking the small stuff into the basement, but the larger items we moved wherever we could find a spot on the same level to make it easier on ourselves.  During the construction, the six of us (2 kids, 2 cats and 2 adults) moved into our basement, and lived there for a week.

The wood was delivered a couple of days before to ensure it was there when the workers arrived and to stabilize at the home temperature.  The below photograph shows the before picture of the existing hardwood as well as the planks for the stair upgrade.

Wood floor

The contractors did a great job sealing the work area and with vacuum attachments to power sanders but there’s no avoiding that this is a very dusty job.  Even with the extensive dust barriers, there was of course a lot of dust created and we were still finding new dust patches long after the work was complete.

Hardwood floors makeover

Our contractors did a great job and we are very happy with both the re-finished wood floors and the newly installed floors, and you would never know they were installed at different times.  They removed some of the existing floor boards to join in the new wood without having a sharp line.

Hardwood floor upgrade

They removed the old carpet and installed the new wood before sanding the old hardwood.

Hardwood floor refinishing

Since we did not do the work ourselves, I have not included a lot of details, but hopefully enough to give you a sense of what to expect if you are considering taking on a similar project.

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Oak stair makeover- after Exterior brick wall - matching the brick Living Room Makeover

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