Family Room Makeover – Round One

The biggest difference in the family room makeover – round one, came from painting the walls a greige color, replacing the short baseboards with taller ones, and painting the baseboards and window frames white.

Casual family room

Several other projects also made a difference to the room: removal of curtains, filling in the space over the fireplace, the black painted shelves, and the updated coffee table (from Ikea).

Inspired by the many photographs on Pinterest with minimal window coverings, I decided to remove the drapes to see how the room looked without them. The drapes were fully lined and made with good quality fabric I quite like the look and I liked the color scheme, but they were not right for the room. If I were to add drapes later, I would likely go for something less formal and in a lighter fabric.  The drapes were purely decorative since privacy is not a big concern from these windows, and blinds would provide sufficient shade.

The cube shaped space above the fireplace was way too big for our little CRT TV which we had replaced with a flat-screen TV, so we filled in the gap that was designed for a large tube TV and this modernized the room.

In progress with cube filled in above the fireplace, drapes remove, slightly better furniture placement, but still with the old-fashioned coffee table, and the stained wood window frames:

Square Family Room With Large Windows

We also changed some of the furniture – in many cases using items we found second-hand, including the coffee table above, sofa and two white chairs.

In the before picture below, the symmetry of the square shaped room was lost in all of the clutter, and having the back of the sofa facing out of the room ruined the flow.  The picture below also shows the gap was filled in above the fireplace, but it is not clear from this picture that the gap was large enough for a full grown person to fit into.

Cluttered Family Room

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Cute kitten with in chair with caption

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