Entrance update

The key features of the original entrance were a high ceiling, and a doorway framed by an arched window above and flanked by two windows.  All great, except that the walls were painted a pale gold color, the light fixture was boring, and the too small wood trim was showing signed of wear. Some grout repair, new baseboards, and paint were all it took for this entrance update.

Entrance - white trim

We started by painting the walls a light gray, using Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray in eggshell finish.  Then we removed the existing baseboards to replace them with taller ones. Our baseboards were skinnier than the original baseboards, so when Andy removed the old baseboards, we found a gap between the tile and the wall that would need to be filled before we installed our new baseboards.

Grout repair - gap

Because the gap was deep, Andy started by filling in with small strips of wood followed by pre-colored sanded grout that we had leftover from a previous task.  Basically we were looking to use non-shrinking, stiff product to reduce the amount of the grout we needed to use since we did not have a lot of grout to work with.

Grout repair

Andy mixed a few samples of grout from what we had on hand to find the best match possible.  These were left by the previous owners, and we did not know which ones were used in which part of the house.

Grout repair - testing samples

We are grateful for the generosity of the previous owners who left the grout for us to use.  Although in this case, the strip of grout that was visible after the baseboards were installed was minimal, if we had not have the luxury of obtaining an exact color match it would not have been too big a deal.

Then he mixed up a batch of grout and filled what remained of the gap, repeatedly wiping excess grout off the tiled floor during the drying time.

It dried much lighter and appears to be a perfect match.

Grout repair - building layers

Andy then installed the baseboards and I painted them, using two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White in oil.

Entrance - WIP

We are still looking for a replacement light.

Nice entrance to begin with, but I think it is improved with the taller baseboards and white painted window frames.  Here is the original with the stained wood.

Entrance - wood trim

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