Easy Headboard Makeover

Reupholstering this headboard in grey with fabric and covered buttons took a couple of hours and helps to tone down the rustic vibe.  The new grey and white headboard contributes to the calm and neutral color scheme in this room and was a super easy headboard makeover.

Easy Headboard Makeover - UsingWhatYouHave.com

Within a couple of weeks of finishing this easy headboard makeover, the picture that included the original headboard (from an article I published 6 months ago – original master bedroom makeover, and DIY antler art) became the top pinned photograph from my web site!  I guess now that we are moving into the cooler weather, people are wanting to cozy up their bedrooms.  Still, I prefer the headboard in the grey much more than brown.

Easily make antler art - from UsingWhatYouHave.com

Top 4 Tips for Reupholstering a Headboard

  1. Consider not Removing the Existing Fabric: I decided to upholster over the existing fabric to save some time.  It was in great shape without any tears or bumps.  I did remove the backing which I was able to re-use.  Snickers the was her usual helpful self…

Kitten helping with headboard makeover - UsingWhatYouHave.com

2.  Use Pattern, but Take Time to Center it: To get a professional look while working with pattern, the key is to line up the fabric centrally both vertically and horizontally.

3.  Take care with the Corners: Although it would save time and look fine to fold and staple the corners, I sewed the top corners to give this headboard a more tailored finish.

Finishing upholstery corners - UsingWhatYouHave.com

4.  Use Covered Buttons: The original upholstery used covered buttons and for a few extra dollars and a few extra minutes I think it was worth making covered buttons to improve the styling of the headboard, over ready-made.

Wrap up for Easy Headboard Makeover

I probably need to update the throw pillows to keep the look from being too boring, but this grey reupholstered headboard definitely contributes to the neutral color scheme.

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I was getting the pictures ready today and when I went to grab the collage I just created, I found one I created a month ago when I first started preparing this article, so I included both of them.

Tips for Reupholstering a Headboard - UsingWhatYouHave.com

Headboard reupholstery - UsingWhatYouHave.com

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