DIY Medal Display

DIY Medal Display for teen bedroomI bought two mini hockey sticks from a dollar store in Canada, shortly before we moved to Kansas.  They were great when my son was 6, but now that he is 14 he no longer plays with them – of course.  Since they represent our heritage, he wants to keep them (and so do I), so I used them to create a super easy DIY medal display.

They were still in very good condition so I considered whether they could be used as decoration in his room.  I thought about framing them, or just hanging them on the wall as they are, or in a cross pattern.

While I was trying various placements of the hockey mini-sticks on the wall in my son’s room, I noticed that he has a lot of medals from his various sports over the years, and they were all just hanging on stick pins.  So I decided to combine the mini-sticks as wall decorations, with better hanging space for the medals.

DIY Medam DisplayI found some hooks at a dollar store and needed 2 packages, so the total cost of this project was $2.  The only tools I used were a drill (for making pilot holes for the hooks), a screwdriver (to go through the existing hole to the left of the word Canada) and a hammer (to hang the hook to hold up the end with the flag).

I was able to find a good use for the hockey sticks, and to make a much better DIY medal display – good-bye stick-pins!

As part of this update, I also moved the cardboard moose 3D puzzle into my son’s room, to make a sort of a Canadian corner in the room.  This DIY medal display is on a wall opposite to the DIY personalized American road map art.

I am so happy with this easy and inexpensive update, using items I already had and injecting a personal touch into the room bringing in our Canadian heritage, eh!

Medal display for boys room

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