DIY Large Abstract Landscape Painting

This DIY large abstract landscape painting took me about an hour to do from priming to the finished painting.  The canvas was a painting from Ikea originally, that I picked up from a thrift store for $12.99.  Since I was able to use leftover house paint, that was the total cost.

DIY Landscape Art -

Preparation for DIY Large Abstract Landscape Painting

I am an engineer, not an artist.  So if I can do this anyone can.  I did watch a few YouTube videos for inspiration, and my key takeaway was that in many cases I liked the basic background that the artists started with in their tutorials more than I liked the final result.

The process for selecting the paint colors was fairly simple.  I wanted to bring the existing colors of the bedroom room together – mostly grey and beige, but with a bit of olive green.  I searched my basement storage area and found 3 paints that I thought might work : dark grey, light grey and sandy beige.  I took samples of the paint and brought them to the master bedroom and confirmed they would match the decor nicely.

Paint colors for landscape art

The dark grey paint was used to paint the trim on the garage doors, the light grey was used to paint the family room and the beige was from the  laundry room.

The Painting Process

I started by priming the canvas with three very light coats of white spray paint, including the front and the edges.  This would help the paint adhere, as well as reducing some of the contrast.

You can see below some of the color from the original art work, but it would soon be covered completely.  I painted the top two-thirds of the canvas using the dark grey.

Painting large canvas

Then I applied the light grey starting ~6 inches from the bottom and blending into the dark grey where the two colors met.  I also put a bit of the light grey into the dark grey throughout, but sparingly.

How to paint an abstract landscape -

I then applied the beige to the bottom section, blending that into the light grey with the same technique.

Quick and easy landscape art -

Applying the Finishing Touches

It looked OK, and I could have called it finished at that point, but I decided I wanted to bring in some of the olive green, and I wanted to include more of the light grey.  The light grey was easy, I selected a focus area ~two-thirds of the way along the canvas, and added some brush strokes with the light grey paint.

For the olive green color, I used the light grey paint and mixed it with some green paint that I had leftover from the class I took 18 years ago.  It took some work to blend the old paint but I was able to get the color I was hoping for.  I brushed that on the very bottom of the canvas, blending  it into the beige.

DIY Large Abstract Landscape Painting

With each color I painted it around the edges top and bottom of the canvas for a finished look.  Also, being prepared and working fast is a key success factor to keep the paint flowing.

The IKEA label was still on the painting so I looked it up on their website, and although they did not have the exact art-work, they had some of similar sizes for $50.  That’s a very good price, but it is great to have created something with a more personal touch.

The Inspiration for DIY Large Abstract Landscape Painting

Andy pointed out that the color scheme could have been based on our cat. Snickers, with her grey/beige fur and green eyes.  She definitely deserves to be an artist’s muse.

Beautiful grey cat -

My previous art project was DIY Moose Antler Art, which has been surprisingly popular on Pinterest.  The support from that project definitely inspired me to try this larger art project.  I still like the moose antlers, but wanted to change it up.  I plan to bring the antler back into the room in the winter, along with the fur bolster and throws.

Easy DIY moose antler art -

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