Halloween Decoration – DIY Giant Spider

For the last couple of years, I have admired the houses decorated with giant spiders at Halloween, and this year I decided to make my own DIY giant spider.

Below is the firs spider DIY spider designed to linger above the ivy bush.

Simple and cheap - how to make a giant spider Halloween decoration from UsingWhatYouHave.com

After I published the article with the DIY spider suspended between the house and a bush, I worked on a second spider crawling on the ground.  The only difference between the spider above and the new spider is that I unwound 8 wire coat hangers and pushed them through the legs, leaving 2 inches at the end for sticking in the ground.  I then bent the legs and the wire was much more effective at holding the legs in a bent position creating a more realistic spider shape.

Giant Spider for Halloween - DIY from UsingWhatYouHave.com Giant Spider for Halloween - DIY from UsingWhatYouHave.com

Although I saw a lot of pictures on Pinterest for inspiration, I was not able to find a good tutorial.  So when I finished making my spider, I decided to add an article to my blog for others who might be interested.

The finished spider is 6 feet wide and cost ~$5.  Andy and I are thinking of doing another one which is even bigger maybe next Halloween!

Materials for DIY giant spider:

DIY giant spider Halloween decoration

  • Empty milk jug, with spout cut off
  • Garbage bag
  • 4 pipe insulation tubes, 1 inch in diameter, and 6 feet long
  • Black electrical tape
  • Craft paint and craft paper for eyes and spider markings

For my second version of the spider, I used coat-hangers to help shape the legs.

Assembly of the DIY giant spider:

The milk jug and shaping of the legs requires use of a knife, but for the rest of the activity, many of these steps are great for kids to do.

I used a sharp knife to cut off the spout of the milk jug.

We then put the jug into a black plastic garbage bag, stuffing the excess into the jug, finishing with tape to secure it in place.

Black tape secured the legs to the jug – all in a line.    We secured the legs in the middle first, then 2-3 inches along the leg in each direction.

How to make a giant spider Halloween decoration

Cutting small pieces of the legs created joints.  We put one joint in each knee, half way along the leg.  We also put one joint at the each of the 2 front legs, and one at each of the 2 back legs to create a more realistic shape.

How to make a giant spider Halloween decoration

Wrapping each joint in tape retained the bend.

DIY Spider Decoration

Andy had  a great idea to put the pieces that we cut off between the leg joints to encourage them to spread out.  He pointed out that there is a local spider in Kansas with violin shaped markings, I so I added that to the spider’s back.  I also used the off-cuttings from the divets that we cut into the legs, for eyes.

Simple and cheap - how to make a giant spider Halloween decoration from UsingWhatYouHave.com

Seeing the spider in place, I plan to go back and use more tape to help keep the bends in the legs.  The next spider I am planning will be even bigger!

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