DIY Exterior Lighting Using Tikki Torches

Sorry for the drop in blog writing, but I have been busy with working on DIY projects and home improvements.  So the good news is that I and have built up a backlog of things to write about.  So I am excited to get back to sharing my stories with you for adapting things I own to personalize and modernize my home.

Adapting tikki torches for use on a deck

Today, I am sharing a very easy project to add DIY exterior lighting using tikki torches.

DIY exterior lighting using Tikki torches -

We used tikki style torches just off the back deck in the yard of our old house.  They were a nice addition adding light visual interest.  In our current house the deck is raised off the ground, so the traditional tikki torches stuck in the ground would not be visible from our deck.

We decided to try modifying the torches so that we could use what we had on hand, and still get the effect to light and mood.

Andy drilled holes the size of the tikki torch post, then cut the post to size and inserted them into the post.

Outdoor lighting DIY using Tikki torches

We chose metal to make them easier to mount on the posts. If you don’t want to drill holes in your posts, or as a temporary solution for an event, the tikki torches could be tied onto the post.  Of course, never leave flames burning with if no one is around – for candles or tikki torches!

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