Cube TV Wall Reconstruction

Cube TV reconstruction after

This article describes how we did a cube TV wall reconstruction. When we moved into this house we still had a cube TV which suited our old house just fine and fitted perfectly into a lovely (now very dated looking) pine cabinet. We still have the pine cabinet but this house was custom designed for a much larger TV. We lived with our little TV in the large opening for a while, but when we finally joined the modern world and bought a flat-screen TV, we decided we needed to fill in the gape in the wall that was designed for a very large CRT TV.  This is what it looked like before:

Before picture with large gap above fireplace

First we needed to agree on a design. Do we fill in all the way to the wall, do we add pillars or do we add molding frame? In the end we decided to leave some architectural detail by setting the TV back several inches and leaving the arch. We have similar decorative archs in 4 other places in the house, so this maintained consistency.

My husband, Andy, set out to determine how to move the power since there was an outlet and a cable at the back of the wall.

Start of Reconstructruction above fireplace - WIP

Then he built a frame, added drywall and mudded the drywall.  The frame was constructed from 2×4 studs at standard 16″ spacing to enable us to change to wall mounted if we want to in the future.

Drywall complete above mantle

We gave it a coat of primer, and it would sit like that until we picked a color for the room and painted the full room along with all of the trim.

The before and after of the room is here.

Renovation of fireplace surround collage before and after

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