Chandelier Upgrade

Chandelier Makeover DIY After

This was an extremely fast and simple upgrade to produce a cleaner and more modern look for this chandelier upgrade.  It cost $7 total for two chandeliers and two sconces ($2 for PVC tubing and $5 for a can of spray paint, Lowe’s).

The overall size of the light fixture was pretty good for the scale of the room, but I did not like the small individual shades on the chandelier.  The shades were covered in a fabric that collected dust and they were very difficult to keep clean.  I would also find one or two of them crooked more often than not (kids and cats claimed innocence).  The shape of the shades also seemed a bit country style, which was not the look I was after for this room.

Light Fixture Before MakeoverThe light fixture was matched in style with the other light fixtures on the floor, so changing the kitchen chandelier would likely drive us to make other lighting changes and a lot of money.

I decided to try just taking the shades off of the bulbs to see what it would look like.

Sconce Light with Wiring Exposed

Because the shades hid the fixture, there had been no need to make it look pretty underneath.  We would also need to find a way to cover the wiring of the candle arms. (Picture is of the sconce from the same set.)

My husband picked up some white PVC tubing, from the plumbing section, and cut it to the right length with a saw.  Across the 4 complementary light fixtures on the main floor, we needed a total of 20 tubes to cover the exposed wiring of the candle arms. It was a bit of a strange shape to paint, but my husband used a broom handle and some tape to hold the tubes during the painting process, and my son spray panted them black, 4 at a time.  The main trick to painting (other than using the stick with tape) was to make sure to get spray paint on the top of the tube – one end would be hidden in the fixture, but depending on the angle, you could see the top of the tube.

Tip for painting tubes to cover wiring

That was all it took to achieve a cleaner more modern look for the light fixture.

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