Boy’s Bedroom Makeover

Pre-Teen Boy’s Bedroom Makeover:

My son’s bedroom is a good size to fit a dresser, desk, single bed and nightstand comfortably.

Pre-teen boys room with map

The room had a good size window covered with 2″ wood blinds, but no other window coverings and the only other thing of note in the room was a skateboard shaped shelf, left by the previous owners.  We have a skateboard collecting dust in our garage, so although the shelf was suitable for a boy’s room in general, it did not reflect the interests of my son.  It was replaced by three floating shelves mounted above the desk.

There had been some damage to the walls so the room needed a fresh coat of paint. Plus, I did not like the powder-blue color.  We chose a neutral color to allow us to add grey, blue and red accents. The dresser and desk were made by my father and were mine when I was a child (thanks Dad!).

After watching a couple of episodes of Divine Design, I was inspired to try a wall mural. This room had one large blank wall that I thought might suit a mural.  I found a world map wall mural on-line from one of the DIY stores and it suits the room perfectly.  It was very easy to install following the manufacturers instructions, similar to hanging wallpaper.  We even use the map occasionally when discussing where we have been, where we are going, or in reference to a book or historical event.

Below is a picture just after we moved in, and before the shelves, curtains, paint and mural.201508-Boys-Room-WIP

Boy’s Bedroom Makeover Before:

Boy's room before

This was one of the first rooms we finished when we moved into the house, and 6 years later it is ready for another refresh as my son has outgrown the current décor.  Probably within the next year we will replace the carpet, install taller baseboards and paint the baseboards and door/window frames in white to match the work we have done on the main floor of the house.  I have already replaced the stool in this picture with a refinished wood desk chair.

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UPDATE: From Boys room to Teen Room

Six years have passed and it was time to refresh the decor.  Read the full article here.

Kid room to teen room - with mural and DIY ideas

Exciting news that this article has been featured on a teen bedroom idea article on Shutterfly. Lots of fun bedroom ideas for teen boys and girls:

My daughter’s room has also been updated.

Room makeover before and after - from little girl pink to tween friendly turquoise, black and white

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