Black and White Curtain Makeover

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Black and white curtain after

This post includes how I updated and lengthened the drapes for this black and white curtain makeover.  When we moved into this house the girl’s bedroom had heavy black curtains hung just above the window frame. The drapes were made of good quality fabric and fully lined but they did not suit the room of a 6 year old girl, so I put them in the storage area and waited.

Curtain makeover before

For a short-term fix, I sewed a straight stitch across the end of a pair of cotton, polka-dot, twin flat sheets, and hung them up using white and pink hardware.

Girls Room Polka-Dot Curtain DIY

Five years later, with only a small amount of re-work. the original black drapes would be more suited for the room of a girl who was quickly maturing into a ‘tween’.

I find that drapes that are hung from close to the ceiling make a room more formal, but also make the ceilings look taller.  Unfortunately these drapes were not long enough to do that, even if I took out the hem. I did not need a lot of fabric, but I wanted to match the quality of the existing black drapery fabric, so I splurged on some good quality white fabric ($22).

Drapery pannel lengthened with cntrasting fabricSimple steps to lengthen and upgrade ready-made drapes:

  1. Use a stitch ripper to take out the hem
  2. Sew the white fabric to the black fabric – good sides together
  3. Sew the new hem on the white fabric
  4. Press – this is the key to making it look not so ‘home-made’

I worried the drapes might look plain, and considered adding matching ruffled trim, but I am liking them without the trim. These are a definitely more grown-up than the polka-dot curtains and more interesting than the boring black curtains from when we moved in.

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